November 25, 2021 2 min read

With winter just around the corner and Christmas approaching quickly, here is our 2021 Gift Guide for the snowmobile enthusiast in your life!



If you are looking for THE gift to please the special someone in your life, we would advise you to go for the CKX Titan or the CKX Mission Helmets that both revolutionized the snowmobile market a few years ago.


With its removable muzzle, the CKX Titan gives all the perks of having a modular helmet without the weight of a modular. This helmet is available for two types of riders: the CKX Titan "Original", an insulated trail helmet, will suit the one looking for maximum comfort and riding in cold weather; whereas the "Air Flow" edition is made for backcountry riding and is more ventilated in order to stay comfortable while moving more than trail riding.

To learn more about the CKX Titan, visit our blog post about this wonderful helmet!









Lightweight, insulated and aerodynamic, the Mission is designed to let you enjoy longer rides and at full speed without fear of extreme cold. Efficient in reducing the risk of fogging, the helmet introduces AMS, an integrated air management system.

2. CKX TITAN & CKX Mission Accessories

Do they already own a CKX Titan or CKX Mission helmet? Browse a selection of accessories!

Accessories for CKX Titan helmets

Accessories for CKX Mission helmets

3. Ogio Rig 9800 Wheeled Bag

Tired of having their snowmobile gear everywhere in the garage and all over the house? Offer them an Ogio Rig 9800 wheeled bag. Perfect for every power sport activity, this 127L bag can fit their suit, gloves, boots and helmet if they are good at playing Tetris! The bag is easy to store (both vertically or horizontally) and easy to move with its wheel set and telescopic handle. This one will be a gift for you as well, since the gear will no longer be found all over the house ;)

*Currently on back order but available for pre-order. Current availability set around January 15th, 2022 from our supplier.




4. Jethwear - Mountain Backpack

The Jethwear backpack may be a life saver when it comes to backcountry riding or even trail riding (in case you involuntarily decided to take a leap outside the trail!) since this backpack holds a shovel that you can assemble in order to help you in the case of an emergency or to simply make space for your snowmobile to get unstuck.

Available in Black/Grey/Hi Viz Yellow or in Black/Pink.


5. CKX Universal Electric Lens Power Cord

Looking for an accessory to put inside your snowmobile enthusiast's Christmas stocking?

Here is a budget-friendly idea that will delight the owner of an electric shield helmet! It's always a good idea to have a spare power cord ready when you're far from home so here is an inexpensive gift that will make them happy. They will surely think of you once they have to replace their old one at a pit stop!

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