November 25, 2021 2 min read

Looking for one of the best rated helmets of the last year in Canada? Discover why so many riders enjoy their CKX Titan helmet!

The CKX Titan is like no other helmet on the market with its removable muzzle which allows you more flexibility while stopped; no need to remove the helmet to talk with your teammates or take a sip of water, to open, just flip the muzzle forward! That configuration allows you to walk around with the muzzle open instead of having the whole chin bar on top of your head as you would with a regular modular helmet.

This helmet comes in two different riding styles: the ‘Original’ model for trail riding, and the ‘Airflow’ model for backcountry riding. Here are the main differences of these two models:


The helmet is designed to give you maximum comfort and least ventilation possible with its trail goggles, face guard, breath guard, long chin curtain and neck curtain. The helmet is customizable, so you can remove parts and change the goggles in order to get a more ventilated version of the Original CKX Titan.

Air Flow :

On the other hand, the Airflow version is ready for backcountry riding as soon as you remove the helmet from its box. Six removable vent plugs are available to insulate the helmet to make the helmet cooler or warmer depending on where you are riding. The Airflow goggles also come with a ventilated foam in order to let your body heat escape and keep the lens fog free.

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