TERAPUMP TRM20 Fuel Pump Part# 20004

Manually operated liquid transfer pump
Portable, light weight, and heavy duty material
Has a clip for secure attachment to container
Easily empty containers
Unique bendable suction tube system
Useful in the garage, basement, bathroom, shop and yard.

  • Suction Type: Manual squeezing pump
  • Delivery Volume: 3.2 gallons/min (12 liters/min)
  • Total Length: 25.6"
  • Applicable Liquids: Light Oils, Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Water, Soaps, Chemical
  • Insecticides, Detergents, Deodorants, Mild Acids, Anti-freeze, Water, Liquid Waxes, ECT.
Built in clip: Keeps discharge hose firmly attached to receiving tank.

3 different sized adaptors:allowing your gas pump to fit most American fuel cans.

Flexible Suction Tube: Adjusts to fit containers of various heights
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