Skrachrzz Reverse Ski Scratcher Plug and play Part# RT-A

With your Cool Lube Up-Front Ski mounted scratchers – Up-Front & between your skis, you’ll get more hardpack snow & Ice chips spraying right up into and onto the front of your spinning track. Directly into all you track’s open ‘windows’ & around and down into your track’s open sides. Allowing your favourite cable type scratchers to achieve far superior slider cooling and lube, along with needed & enhanced heat exchanger cooling.

Compared to the current & much less effective ‘rearward’ slide rail or ‘under-footrest’ mounts (50% of your spray shoots away from your track!) – Cool Lube UFFBs give you a much stronger spray right Up-Front – where you need it to Cool & Lube!

Plus – your scratchers now install, remove & store quickly – and don’t get ‘memory bend’ twisted up on the rails.

  • Auto-reversible
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Maximized slider lubrication
  • Superior cooling
  • Instantly removable
  • Simple quick install
  • Brackets fit most OEM & aftermarket skis
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