SCHAMPA FaceFit Velcro Facemask

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Schampa’s “FaceFit” System is a revolutionary concept that helps hold masks in place, and helps to reduce fogging of eyewear. Simply put the Mask or balaclava on, push down on the “FaceFit” System and now you have a mask that perfectly forms to the unique contour of your face. With the I-Tie system you have more control that ever to adjust it to that perfect fit for your face every time you put it on. One Size Fits All Contours to your Face Low Profile Hook & Loop for a Comfortable and Secure Fit Excellent in any Conditions “Tru-Fit” FaceFit Facemasks work with any helmet or no helmet. Unique Mesh Panel helps reduce Cold, Dust, Sun, Dirt, or Sand from entering the mouth or nose.
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