SCEPTER Funnels 4", 6", 8" Part# 03590

Scepter’s complete line of funnels are perfect for all your boat engine and automotive uses. Manufactured from quality, high-density polymers; they won’t rust, dent or crack. This means, no drips & leaks for you to clean up after you’ve tuned-up.
  • Made from tough, high-density polypropylene
  • Great for gas / oil mix 2-cycle engines need
  • Stabilizing handle on all standard funnels conveniently allows for smooth steady pouring
  • A size for every need with standard funnel options from 4" to 8" (100mm to 200mm) in diameters as well as a 3 pack funnel assortment.
  • When the job isn’t standard, we’ve got your specialty funnel: including, a super funnel, a transmission funnel, and flex funnel for difficult to reach applications.
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