MITAS E09 Enduro Trail Tire


MITAS E09 Enduro Trail Tire

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Use Level: 20% road and 80% off-road. Dakar version: a durable tye suitable for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions. Get the best out of your trip and make it to an Ultimate adventure. Trail tyres are designed for travelling on various types of surfaces. Because of their riding properties and extreme mileage, these tyres were chosen by many of the world’s great bike adventurers. Equipped for mud and snow conditions.


90/90-21 54R E09 TL DAKAR (354039) February 10th, 2021
120/90-17 64R E09 TL DAKAR (354041) March 12th, 2021
130/80-17 65R E09 TL (354042) February 10th, 2021
150/70-17 69R E09 TL (354045) February 10th, 2021
4.10-18 60P E09 TT (354046) March 12th, 2021
140/80-18 70R E09 TL (354050) February 10th, 2021
100/90-19 57R E09 TL (354054) May 5th, 2021
110/80-19 59R E09 TL (354057) May 5th, 2021
80/90-21 48P E09 TT (354061) May 5th, 2021
90/90-21 54R E09 TL (354062) March 12th, 2021