Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Wide Whitewall Rear Tire

The new Metzeler ME 888 or Triple 8 tires represent a new Ultra High Mileage offering from Metzeler that couples long life with Metzeler's performance and handling. Expect the ME 888 Tire to be rolled out in a myriad of sizes for families of bikes over its lifespan. Features: Bias-belted cross-ply carcass construction for ultra high mileage coupled with Metzeler performance and handling Tire compounds offer better abrasion resistance and an improved grip on wet surfaces Tread design with variable inclination in the grooves walls improves wear regularity and provides increased mileage and performance consistency Tread gives increased mileage and better water drainage over the Metzeler ME880 cruiser tires Profile features a wider and shorter footprint area for reduced wear and increased mileage and stability Contact patch is 5% shorter and 15% wider than the Metzeler ME880 tires for better transfers of engine torque to the ground Profile and geometry prevents overheating and keeps structure and compounds properties unaltered for performance consistency Developed in Germany for the roads of America Specifically designed for custom touring motorcycles Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire's life Outstanding high and low speed stability and smooth handling This motorcycle tire is tubeless These cruiser motorcycle tires are H rated for speeds up to 130 mph Tire size 170/80-15 is bias-ply without belted construction..
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