Metzeler MC360 Mid Soft Front Tire

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The Metzeler MC360 tire is dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country, and non-FIM Enduro riding. The MC360 Mid-Soft is the optimal choice for soft terrains. These dirt bike tires provide a high level of dynamic performance on several terrains, by maximizing cornering grip and traction, providing a remarkable durability and resistance against cuts and tearing. Tested for dimensions and durability, these motocross tires are street legal to go anywhere you go. Features: 100% carbon black compound improves tearing resistance and provides excellent performance and stability High module, low shrinkage tri-ply construction made from strong, impact resistant polyethylene Reversible Mid-Soft tread pattern allows tire to be reversed at any time, greatly increasing tire life and performance consistency Alternated side diamond shaped cut knobs for progressive cornering action and self-cleaning Optimal land/sea ratio for optimum corning performance with optimal directional and steering feeling Parabola shaped center knobs maximize carving and traction on soft and mid-soft terrain High level of motocross style traction with cross-country and enduro-like capabilities for dynamic performance on most terrains Maintains good balance between softness and toughness Remarkable resistance to cuts and tearing Street legal to ride both on dirt and on road Optimal choice for soft terrains This dirt bike tire is tube-type These dirt bike tires are M rated for speeds up to 81 mph
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