Metzeler Karoo Street Rear Tire

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The Karoo Street Tires are meant for ADV bike riders who are looking to trade a little bit of their bike's, rarely-used, off road grip for a bit more on road performance. A high silica compound results in enhanced grip on pavement in both wet and dry, while the aggressive knobby pattern still provides excellent grip when your adventure strays off the tarmac. The Karoo Streets also boast a constant contact patch that enables proper function of your bike's more complicated on-board rider aids, likes cornering ABS and traction control.

Outstanding on road performance from a knobby tread pattern
Sport touring profile
High silica compound delivers excellent grip on road, both dry and wet
Excellent traction off road
Precise cornering and stability throughout tires life
Constant contact patch works well with sophisticated electronic systems like ABS and traction control

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