Kimpex SeatJack Seat Mount for Polaris Voyager Part # 000316#

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The 2-UP Seat Mount is specially designed to make installation and removal of the seat in seconds on your snowmobile. When the seat is removed, the support adapts to the aesthetics of the vehicle while remaining very discreet.

  • Installation requires drilling 4 small holes li> FITTING CHART APPLICATION: POLARIS 550 Voyageur ES/R 144" 2017-2018 ** (*Rear cargo rack must be removed) POLARIS 550 Voyageur ES/R 144" 2019-2020 POLARIS Indy 550 Voyageur ES/R 144" 2014-2016 POLARIS Indy 600 Voyageur ES/R 144" 2014-2016
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