Kimpex Battery YuMicron YB12A-A Part# HB12A-A

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
KIMPEX is made with the same specifications and quality control as the top brand-names in batteries but at an affordable price, KIMPEX have reliable power to start up your engine at any time. KIMPEX is available for the most popular applications in DRY and SEALED battery type. Also available is the Factory Activated for the most recent models. KIMPEX is the new kid on the block.

Batteries sold by Kimpex are covered by a limited 1-year warranty, with proof of purchase (consumer). Kimpex reserves the right to claim the defective battery for validation.

It is common for consumers always seeking power along with more cranking power, longer life and excellent vibration resistance. Kimpex’s Heavy Duty Batteries reach these entire requests as follows:
  • Enlarged plate area delivers up to 30% more cranking performance.
  • Special separator design provides longer life.
  • Tight assembling technology enhances vibration resistance.
*Can be ship by air.
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