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The skin and body well being during a ride can change a lot the memories of a journey: choose each garment carefully to fully enjoy the experience on your bike and make it last for a long time. The long-sleeve, summer-winter, technical shirt is made of Dryarn® yarn and Resistex® Carbon, both high-performance yarns in terms of breathability, hygiene, comfort, strength and durability. Dryarn® guarantees a high degree of insulation and breathability, helps the sweat evaporation and maintains the body's perfect natural thermoregulation in all weather conditions. Resistex® Carbon, on the other hand, is an excellent antistatic and bacteriostatic yarns : it dissipates static electricity and it is not altered if attacked by bacteria, mould, moths, insects or other microorganisms. Thanks to the seamless technology, you have a great advantage : an ideal muscle compression with great freedom of movement. The garment does not lose its shape and it fits right your body shape. 63% polyamide; 30% Dryarn®; 5% spandex; 2% Resistex® Carbon Fiber
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