HELITE Standard Lanyard for Airbag Vest Men, Women Part# AC.LY.MOLY-B

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The Helite motorcycle lanyard is standard for all motorcycle products. This is an advantage for motorcyclists that have several motorcycles. They can own several lanyards, to avoid installation everytime.

Installment of the lanyard to the motorcycle is quick and easy but should be done correctly. The lanyard will stay attached to the motorcycle at all time. Depending on the vehicle the lanyard will be attached and adjusted differently. Never attach the lanyard to the steering wheel. The lanyard will ideally be attached under the seat around a tube of the frame. You will make a loop with the buckle at the most convenient location on the motorcycle, the closer to your gravity center when seated on the vehicle the better:
  • It should be attached around a robust part of your motorcycle such as the frame that will sustain itself when pulling approx. 30kg.
  • Keep it far from anything sharp that could cut your strap
  • Keep it far from hot elements to avoid melting it
Try out the length and adjust it until you reach an optimal length. It should be tight when you stand up on your motorcycle. If the length of the strap is too long the inflation of the airbag jacket will be delayed and if it’s too short it could keep you from freedom of movement when standing up.
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