Helite Mens Touring Jacket

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This jacket protects against falls by its highly abrasion-resistant textile (CORDURA) and its integrated airbag (HELITE TURTLE technology) which triggers in 0.1 second. This waterproof and breathing fabric jacket (HUMAX) guarantees comfort. Protecting you from wind and rain, its removable thermal lining is ideal in summer. The numerous pockets (front, arms, back and interior) make it very practical.

This technology, like a Turtle's shell, works under the same principle as the biker's helmet: on the outside, a rigid shell (the dorsal) covering soft inside material in contact with the body (the airbag). The synergy between the hard hull and the airbag is remarkably effective during an impact against a sidewalk, a safety slide, a signpost, etc.

Every airbag comes with a user guide. The user guide will explain you how to use and take care of your motorcycle airbag, how to install the cord and reactivate your system after inflation.

  • TURTLE Airbag CE certified inflates in 0.1 second
  • Removable Security protection SAS-TEC 1921-2 CE certified
  • 600D textile to effectively resist abrasion

  • 3D mesh interior fabric for comfort
  • Cleared under the arms for freedom of movement
  • Sturdy buckles easy to open and fasten
  • Adjustment straps to adapt to width
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