Helite Electronic E-GP Air 2 Vest Unisex Black/White

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The E-GP Air is specially designed for track pilots. Emphasis was put on aerodynamics with a fitted cut and enough space for the racing combination allowing movement freedom. The width of the E-GP Air perfectly fits with your motorcycle suit thanks to its elastic fabric and the Velcro system. The red Velcro rapidly shows the closing limit of the E-GP Air. For more safety, the vest is made with abrasion-resistant materials and has protections at the front and back for a double Turtle effect. It is an excellent protection to vital areas. Developed by Helite, the algorithm uses a set of sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS) that analyze the motorcyclist’s motion more than 1000 times per second and enables to follow the rider in real time on 360 degree. The system ensures a detection time from 62 ms. When a fall is detected, the airbag automatically inflates in less than 55 ms and before impact. This technology allows the possibility of installing an optional sensor on the motorcycle fork. This fork sensor detects impacts on the motorcycle and allows faster detection and more accident situations to be covered. Highly recommended on the road, this option should not be used on the track. However, it can be purchased separately if you also use your E-GP Air on the road. Turtle Technology A semi-rigid protection has been placed on the front and back for a double Turtle effect! This innovation is a very big improvement in protection. The impact forces are distributed over the entire airbag, significantly improving energy absorption, and reducing the risk of intrusion. The jacket offers a very large volume of protection (the largest on the market) between 17 and 28 L depending on the size of the airbag. This provides better protection in the event of a fall. Adjustable The width of the E-GP Air adjusts perfectly to your motorcycle suit thanks to the elastic fabric and the Velcro system. The red Velcro allows you to quickly see the closing limit. The vest is easy to open/close even with gloves. Aerodynamic The E-GP Air has an aerodynamic cut that fits perfectly over any moto suit. There is enough space for the hump of your suit. Customization The E-GP Air can be customized with quick access to the front and rear. There are many possibilities to make your airbag vest unique. Reconditioning The reconditioning is very simple, you can do it yourself in a few minutes, without any intervention on our part. You just need to replace (by screwing/unscrewing) the empty e-cartridge with a new e-cartridge. Make sure to choose the proper size of e-cartridge. Electronic System The technology includes several sensors that analyze the situation in real time and allow 360 degree detection. When a fall or accident is detected, the airbag automatically inflates before impact. The sensor integrated in the jacket (CDU) tracks and analyzes the motorcyclist's movements in real time. Wireless System The system is ready and very simple to use. No need to connect yourself with the motorcycle anymore, just push the ON/OFF button 3 times to activate the vest. Autonomy The E-Turtle has a 25 hours autonomy which is about 1 week of use. A USB cable is supplied with the airbag system to recharge the vest (charging time is about 3 hours). CE Certification Our airbag systems are CE certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognized and independent institute that certifies protective equipment for motorcyclists (PPE).
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