G-Force ATV/UTV Carbon Cord C12 Drive Belt 210309 Fits some Kawasaki Part# 36C4368

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G-Force C12 by Gates is an extreme-performance Neoprene (CR) belt which offers Original Equipment technology featuring trapezoid top-notch and rounded cog design for superior flexibility and heat dissipation. Carbon Cord belts are engineered for drop-in performance utilizing the strongest material on earth for tensile cord. Combined with a specially formulated adhesion gum, edge cord pullout is virtually non-existent.
  • Carbon Tensile Cord ensures the belt maintains its designed length and geometry
  • Superior resistance to edge cord pull out
  • Unique attributes of the Carbon Cord decreases the chance of edge cord pull out
  • Less likely to damage clutches during belt failure
  • Enhanced long term performance
  • Improved durability over G-Force Aramid
  • Minimal to no stretch under load creates optimal power transmission
  • Improved response during acceleration
  • Consistent shift characteristics over time and through complete shift ratio
  • Un-paralleled response during high load acceleration


ATV/UTV KAWASAKI KAF620E 4x4 Mule 3010 2002
ATV/UTV KAWASAKI KAF950A 4x4 Mule 3010 Diesel 2003-2004
ATV/UTV KAWASAKI KAF950B 4x4 Mule 3010 Diesel 2003-2007
ATV/UTV KAWASAKI KAF950E 4x4 Mule 3010 Diesel Trans 2007-2008
ATV/UTV KAWASAKI KAF950F 4x4 Mule 4010 Diesel 2009-2013
ATV/UTV KAWASAKI KAF950G 4x4 Mule 4010 Diesel Trans 2009-2013

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