Arai Classic-V Motorcycle Open-Face Helmet - Solid Colors

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One-piece, multi-density EPS line Optimized from decades of research and development for maximum protection throughout the entire liner. Designed in concert with Arai’s proprietary outer shell, the multi-density EPS beads are molded into a single liner, maximizing energy absorption requirements as needed in each area of the helmet. This tuning maximizes impact energy absorption ability while maintaining a uniform and compact helmet. Focus on protection With a focus on protection, even our retro ¾ helmet gets our peripherally-belted (PB-cLc2 ) shell, providing tremendous strength in an incredibly small and lightweight package. Adding reinforcement where needed, without increased weight or shell thickness. Ventilation This smooth, retro helmet is actually fully ventilated: air enters via three intakes, fl ows over the head and exits through a multi-staged channel that leads to all-new Venturi exhaust ports. Button closure goggle strap holder Completing the old-school look is the faux-stitched leather goggle strap holder that helps keep your goggle straps from sliding up the helmet when riding.
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