Shad SH35 Side Cases Compatible with 3P System - Aluminum Part # D0B35200

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SH35 Cases offer an elegant and sophisticated design with innovative shapes. They have the 3P System (patented by Shad.), unique in the market, with high capacity and an avant-garde design.

With optimized interior volume, it takes the maximum advantage of the space. From its elegant and innovative design, it stands out the finish of the aluminium cover, a light, durable, environmentally friendly material.

$$ They are perfect for the fans of Trail Adventure that enjoy both tarmac and country roads. The match perfectly with the EXPANDABLE SH59X top case.

They are perfect to increase the capacity of your bike. The SH35 can be easily fit in any kind of bike and used by the most demanding bikers. You will not notice them, but they are there to have anything you need for your trips at hand.

Contains two Cases.

* 3P System Case bracket sold separately! Aluminum Grey/Black