Shad SH23 Motorcycle Side Cases (2 Cases) Compatible with 3P System Bl

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The SH23 cases, with aerodynamic lines, are very light. Versatile and with great functionality. Compact and very resistant, they are 100% Barcelona Design. They are side cases with a 20 L capacity that can be very easily and quickly mounted and moved due to the handle’s position and access to things inside when on the motorcycle. The SH23 cases are specially designed for urban/medium distance motorcycle users, who enjoy travelling with the bike in the city or on short weekend trips, always with maximum safety for their belongings as a priority. Totally integrated to the motorcycle profile. Light and resistant. Patented. For its exclusivity and market innovation.. Easy to mount. Light and compact. Reduced side case width. Easy load-access. Upper opening. Quick and easy disassembling with 3P System. High Resistance: High quality reinforced polypropylene One single key for the whole cases set (included) Contains two Cases. * 3P System Case bracket sold separately! * You can buy different case cover colors (sold separately)