National Cycle Cruiseliner Saddlebag 22 L Part# N1102


National Cycle Cruiseliner Saddlebag 22 L Part# N1102

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Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags
Cruiseliner saddlebags are styled for cruisers. Cruiseliner saddlebags open easily with a “thumb push” lock that flips the lid forward for easy access to items. The quality hinge permanently fastens the lid to the bag. The interior walls, lid, and seal are designed to keep the contents safe and dry.

Special Note: National Cycle manufactures Cruiseliner saddlebags to mount to a stock motorcycle. All applications requiring the pocket back style bags can use a smooth back bag as long as the motorcycle’s turnsignals are changed or customized for clearance.

Cruiseliner saddlebags are supplied painted with quality, high glossblack paint. Custom painting is easy to do directly over the stock paint. Professional painters recommend a light wet sanding with 400 grit. Then you are ready to paint with any auto.