MITAS C19 Cross-country and Enduro Tire


MITAS C19 Cross-country and Enduro Tire

Motocross competition tire for front wheels. Developed in cooperation with MXGP teams on MXGP tracks. Tread blocks on the front tire feature recessed biting edges, providing more traction and greater grip over a wide range of terrain conditions, especially in flat corners and ruts. Shoulder block knobs are arranged in a unique pattern for better traction and grip in medium and medium-hard riding conditions.


 90/90-21 54R C19 TT SUPER (354000) February 10th, 2021
80/100-12 50M C20 TT H/T (354133) March 12th, 2021
90/100-14 49M C20 TT PIT CROSS (354134) March 12th, 2021
90/100-16 51M C20 TT H/T (354135) May 5th, 2021
90/100-12 46M C20 TT PIT CROSS (354145) February 10th, 2021
90/100-21 57R C19 TT SUPER LIGHT (354144) March 12th, 2021
80/100-12 50M C20 TT WINTER FRICTION (354154) March 12th, 2021
60/100-14 30M C19 TT WINTER FRICTION (354157) February 10th, 2021