Michelin Power RS Front Tire

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Unleash your full potential! MICHELIN POWER RS represents our most radical leap forward ever for sportbike tires The undisputed benchmark for sportbike tires MICHELIN POWER RS is the new leader in five categories that define a true sportbike tire: grip, acceleration, braking, handling and flickability Expanded size offering to cover an extensive range of sportbikes Incomparable grip and stability that only MICHELIN Total Performance can deliver Dual-Compound tread technology, derived from our latest generation of racing tires, offers incomparable grip, besting its predecessor by 3.5 seconds The patented carcass provides impeccable lean angle and straight line stability *WARNING* Michelin does not recommend the use of the 190/55zr17 michelin® POWER RS tire on any model year BMW s1000rr, s1000r or s1000xr equipped with the optional aluminium hp4 forged rim. Using the 190/55zr17 michelin power rs tire on this optional hp4 rim increases the chance of rotation of the tire on the rim which could lead to potential issues related to instability.
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