Helite Custom Airbag Safety Vest Unisex Black

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You want to boost your safety and keep your style ? Our custom vest is made for you ! By stitching your patches you can even give the vest your own individual look! Custom guarantees a full freedom of movement and a maximum of comfort. For an optimal protection it integrates the Turtle Technology. You don’t have to make anymore compromises.

  • Offers a full protection: back, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, abdomen, etc.
  • 18L of gas protection for an optimal pressure.
  • Fast inflation time 100 ms.
  • A stretchy fabric is positioned on top of the back to optimize the protection of the neck (nicely hidden by a velcro).
Excellent protection with TURTLE technology
The airbag is located under the back protector (SAS-TEC level 2). This innovation is a very big protection improvement for the back. The results of absorption and distribution of shocks is considerably higher and it protects from intruding objects.

Leather of high quality
Black leather of high quality (cow hide 1,2 mm).

Pockets 3 outside pockets, 2 inside pockets (classic + smartphone).

Quick and easy replacement of the CO2 cartridge.

Mechanical trigger system
Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation and changing batteries. No special tools or technical knowledge are required to install the lanyard on the motorcycle.

Certification CE
Custom is certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).