CKX X-Trak Boots


CKX X-Trak Boots

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Here is the X TRAK, the CKX snowmobile boot. The X TRAK, which comes from the backcountry style, was specially designed to offer the maximum grips and support. Everything was put in place for the rider to position himself and attack the bends. The grip comes from the double density sole which allows you to clamp to the footboard. Light and comfortable, the upcoming CKX boot is synonym of big thrills for snowmobile passionates. Features: COMFORT RATE: -50°C /-58°F MATERIALS: Water Resistant REINFORCED RUBBER PAD: Resistance RUBBER OUTSOLE: Resistance and Grip SYNTHETIC FUR LINER: Comfort and Warmth DOUBLE-STITCHED: Durability THE LIGHTEST OF ITS CATEGORY: 3lbs the pair EVA SOLE: Lightness and Warmth

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