Cardo Systems PackTalk Black Motorcycle Communication System - SINGLE

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UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY Connect your unit to any Bluetooth headset of any substantial brand. LONGEST REAL RANGE Up to 1600 meters (1Mi) in perfect condition, but will get you close to 1000 meters in real life conditions, About twice as much as the competition SOUND All the music you ever wanted streamed directly from your smartphone. Control, share and experience your favorite tune on the road. PHONE Answer calls, make calls and control your mobile devices with a touch of a finger or the sound of your voice. No one will ever guess you are talking from your ride. FM RADIO Built-in FM Radio with RDS for automatic selection of the strongest signal – whether you are in town, or in the middle of nowhere. TECHNOLOGY PROOF Merge any Bluetooth intercom with your mesh group conversation. Switch unit from DMC to Bluetooth mode to act as any high-end Bluetooth system. AUTOMATIC VOLUME Automatically adjusts your sound volume based on the outside ambient noise. Enjoy Vivaldi at full throttle. Don’t get deaf by AC/DC waiting for the lights turn. SMART AUDIO MIXING Sophisticated algorithms make sure that all your audio sources – FM radio, music, mobile calls and intercom work together in parallel. AUDIO SHARING Share your play list or favorite radio station with your passenger. Enjoy the vibe together. ONE KILLER APP Get full control through one simple and intuitive app, but don’t take our word for it, just download Cardo Connect and find out for yourself. CHARGE WHILE YOU RIDE Forgot to charge your unit? Running out of battery? Just plug your unit to a battery pack or your 12V charger and turn your unit on. It will charge while you ride. CALL TO INTERCOM Merge any incoming phone call into the intercom conversation. With call to intercom no friend is ever out of range. PRIVATE CHAT Tired of the chatter? Choose just one member of the group and enjoy an intimate conversation.